At NRGLab we are proud of our successful experience in building an immensely profitable and environmentally sustainable alternative-energy company that will serve the world’s energy needs. Our goal, today and always, is to develop new projects that can be useful for our partners, as well as helping all the people of the world. 


We are fully prepared to emerge as a global player in the world energy marketplace with our three core business areas:


1. Power Generators (SH Boxes) to Produce Low-Cost Electricity

NRGLab has developed a revolutionary method for producing low-cost electricity using environmental heat drawn from poly-crystal technology. The company’s SH Boxes are self-contained electrical power generators that last for 20 years. Every SH Box produces clean, green, environmentally-friendly electricity for .03 cents per kw, which is four times less expensive than current market rates.


NRGLab is now ready to deliver the affordable electrical energy the world has been waiting for since the invention of the incandescent light bulb and electric generators more than a century ago. The company will introduce SH boxes onto the market step-by-step, so that investors in the crude oil and natural gas sectors have enough time for reinvestment. NRGLab’s generators (SH boxes) will become a gradual and rational revolution in the way the world produces and consumes electric power well into the current century.


2. Improving efficiency of Gas Turbine Generators

NRGLab has developed the patent-pending “Eco-SV” Method for increasing the power efficiency of gas turbine generators. The NRGLab solution for boosting gas turbine generator performance shows conclusively that electrical efficiency levels of 53-72 percent are achieved with the Eco-SV method, compared to 33-35 percent with conventional turbines.


As a result, NRGLab’s innovations actually increase electrical efficiency by improving the existing gas turbine generator cycle. The electrical efficiency of our method is 38-40% greater than regular gas turbines on the market. These efficiencies create competitive advantages by reducing the cost of producing electricity by 50 percent, resulting in superior profits. In addition, NRGLab’s improvements extend the life of a gas turbine by 15-2 percent, while reducing emissions by 30 percent.


3. Recycling Waste Material into Eco-Friendly Fuels

NRGLab has a strategic partnership and investment from Viscoil Holdings (US company) to recycle waste materials into eco-friendly diesel fuel. NRGLab has obtained an exclusive license for the Viscoil Technology for the South East

Asian region for all raw materials. Coal will be recycled in Indonesia, waste engine oil will be recycled in Malaysia, and agricultural wastes will be recycled in Singapore. For example, in Singapore, NRGLab is now able to recycle 2,000 tons of waste daily into 600-800 m3 of fuel. Construction of recycling and processing facilities is underway in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

4. Lower-cost gasification technology for green energy

NRGLab has developed new technology and modified existing technologies to develop a gasification plant that will achieve up to 60 percent efficiency with practically zero emissions. The company is presently inviting partners and investors to develop this plant in the partners’ domestic territory. A slide-show presentation on the NRGLab gasification program is available here.