Ionic Copper

100 ml dropper bottles

Price $50

Copper is an important trace mineral that helps to activate the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase. Copper also plays an important role in many physiological processes, including the healthy formation of red blood cells, proper enzymatic reactions, efficient utilization of iron and maintenance of healthy connective tissue, hair and eyes.
Copper ions protect blood plasma against the toxic effect of reactive oxygen species, which is one of the reasons for cell destruction. Copper restores biliary tract function.

Copper contributes to:
the maintenance of normal connective tissues that support our organs and skin
normal metabolism
normal functioning of the nervous system.
normal hair and skin pigmentation
normal iron transport in the body
normal function of the immune system
protection of cells from oxidative stress

Mineralization: 170 mg
Ingredients: NRGLab purified water (U.S. Patent) with ionic silver and copper, citric acid.