NRGVIT is for external use

100 ml dropper bottles   This preparation is recommended in the treatment of certain joint diseases: osteochondritis, radiculitis, arthrosis, arthritis and gout. NRGVIT is for external use as a means of local therapy in patients with exudative pleurisy, rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia and various joint pain etiologies.¬† The preparation should only be applied to intact areas[…]


Ionic Zinc

100 ml dropper bottles Zinc plays a vital role in maintaining proper immune system function and detoxification. Zinc promotes immune system health by activating the production of white blood cells. These white blood cells form the basis of the immune system and destroy both damaged cells and invaders when antibodies recognize a specific antigen or[…]


Ionic Manganese

100 ml dropper bottles Manganese strengthens tendons, tissue, ligaments and linings of organs. Manganese makes up part of molecules known as mucopolysaccharides, which are used to form collagen, the strong fibrous connective material that builds tissue, bone and cartilage. Manganese is also called the “brain mineral”. It plays an important role in energy production and[…]


Ionic Molybdenum

100 ml dropper bottles Molybdenum plays a fundamental role in the human body. Molybdenum is vital to three important enzyme systems. Molybdenum is necessary for the proper functioning of certain enzyme-dependent processes, including the metabolism of iron. When iron stored in the liver is freed, it can then carry oxygen to body cells and tissue.[…]


Ionic Selenium

100 ml dropper bottles. Selenium will benefit people with different gastrointestinal¬†problems: acute severe illnesses that include inflammation and widespread infection. People with iodine deficiency may also benefit from selenium supplementation. Selenium contributes to: the normal function of the immune system normal spermatogenesis the protection of cells from oxidative stress and the protection of DNA, proteins[…]